May I introduce myself?
I am your Job-Butler
I will find your dream job.

  • I will find the right job vacancies and send your application.
  • I will send you the invitation from your companies of interest.
  • I will personally take care of you by phone and email.
  • I work for free, until you sign your new employment contract

It's that easy

To start, you enter your basic details.

We verify + optimize your chances. That's because your application only makes sense for you and us as well, if you have the solid prospect for success.

When we find your application promising, then that's it. Job-Butler takes care of the rest.

The only thing left for you to do are the interviews at the companies; the ones that pretty much apply for you – and then choose the best offer.

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1st Step: You

  • You sign up for Job-Butler.
  • Then write your application only once....
  • You formulate your wishes and expectations.
  • Lastly, lean back and relax.

2nd Step: Job-Butler

  • Job-Butler will find your desired job in the job market every day – mit that has up to 4 million job offers.
  • Your application will only be sent to companies whose offers are meeting personal requirements.
  • In addition, Job-Butler will even contact suitable companies that are in the hidden job market.
  • Job-Butler will provide, through address management, hundreds of high-valued companies that will connect you with the right contact person.
  • Unsuitable job offers, as well as offers from recruitment service providers and companies offering temporary work options, will be rejected by Job-Butler.
  • Instead, it will connect you with companies that are suitable for you and which will contact you directly with job offers that are specifically applicable to YOU!

3rd Step: You

  • You check the job offers that you have received.
  • You will talk to the companies.
  • You compare and select the best offer.

So wirkt Job-Butler

Here is how Job-Butler sends out your application

Cover Letter Job-Butler Application: Cover Letter
Self Description Job-Butler Application: Self Description
Personal Details Job-Butler Application: Personal Details
Professional Details Job-Butler Application: Professional Details
Qualifications Job-Butler Application: Qualifications
CV Job-Butler Application: CV

The Mix is crucial

A further factor for success in our "SYSTEMIC COACHING":

Job-Butler not only uses the day-to-day job market – but also taps into the high-grade job openings found in the hidden job market, creating an additional special mix for you!

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You have to shoot more to score more

An important point within our "SYSTEMIC COACHING": Job-Butler sends your application to 1.000 suitable companies – and does up to three follow-ups.

With this enormous amount of applications, you will normally find employers that are interested in you.

And even better: You can choose the best job out of all the attractive offers.

The Application Revolution


  • You are looking for job offers,
  • sending  TENS AND HUNDREDS  of emails
  • followed up by emails and calls for weeks after,
  • and apply for suitable companies.


  • You sign up for Job-Butler for free
  • write your application  ONLY ONCE
  • and receive emails from high-valued companies, with job offers that are applicable to YOU!

The Formula for success

The Job-Butler formula for success is called "SYSTEMIC COACHING".

That means, we specifically take care of you in all the areas of applying
and combine all the factors that will make your application a success:

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Job-Butler Formula
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What is important to you?

Job offer





Do not worry about job offers, but rather about the wide selection of offers that there is to compare! On this platform, you are able to make the best decisions and negotiate with the most successful companies that are of your interest!
Job-Butler ensures therefore that your application will not be sent to just a few companies.
By using professional profiling and address management, it will instead find the greatest possible number of suitable companies that will be identified to meet your requirements perfectly; mainly to your professional desires and wishes. Job-Butler will then send your application that has been formulated and designed to these greatest possible number of suitable companies.
This way, and only this way, you will get the greatest number of high-valued job offers!

The services of daily searches on suitable offers in many job boards and in over 4 million job and recruitment advertisements, profiling of organisations, writing and designing of applications, sending hundreds of emails with up to 3 follow-ups for weeks, continuously analysing and evaluating results – leave all that to JOB-BUTLER.
You will write your application only once. After which, you can lean back and relax. And the application will only be active when it is worthy to be sent out: for personal contact with the companies that are interested in you. And by the following selection, you will be able to find your desired employer.

Human resource managers take an average of 2 minutes to examine an application. If this application is not convincing during this period, it will land in the trash bin.
To ensure that this will not happen to you, we have created a unique application format which will always inspire the Chief of Staff!
As a Job-Butler client, you will automatically benefit from this persuasive advantage!

You will not have any costs, even when you pay us based on success basis.
The reason therefore is that you will earn 15 per cent more in your new job compared to your previous job. When this is the case, you will be receiving the additional income per month which will cover the success fee in the first year.
Only you will decide, with whichever job Job-Butler has offered you, which offers you accept. This ensures you that your new and higher salary will be fully covering the success fee for Job-Butler from the very first day.
Moreover: the clients of JOB-BUTLER, who already have new workplaces, have been earning salaries with an average of 23 per cent higher remuneration paid than their job before.

We work purely on a success basis.
If Job-Butler does not provide you with the ideal new job, you will not owe us anything.
We will not get paid until the day you have signed your employment contract. The instalments for you has been set at 12 months.
You do not have to worry: if your new employment relationship will be prematurely terminated, your payment obligation will also be terminated effective immediately.

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